It's funny, I'm not even 36 yet, but sometimes when I survey the general martial arts world, i'm starting to feel like an old man. Not because i'm good or unique in any way, just because i've done it for a while, and I think I can see some of the larger patterns at play there.

So yeah, there were plenty of asses doing TMA long before MMA was even a blip on the radar, I think the difference is as you say...there are some MMA gyms that don't even seem to care who they are teaching. I remember being at karate tournaments in the 80's though where the people that lost literally threw tantrums and tossed chairs around, stuff like that.

Neither MMA nor TMA is like this across the board though, i've read bits about Crazy Monkey defense and similar programs..being a TMA guy they don't interest me on a personal level, but they look very good as far as being training for people who want to train in an MMA type fornmat, but not train with, or act like meatheads. There is no reason at all that MMA cannot carry all the same values that TMA supposedly does, if I had to pick out anything standing in the way of it i'd say it's the marketing and culture of the sport itself, and to some degree simply the culture at large.

Anyway, young men are young men, what can ya say really, neither TMA nor MMA is going to prevent, youth, stupidity, and testosterone, alcohol from making fools of people. personally I hope "Joe Average" MMA training continues to evolve programs and such that are geared not only towards competition..but also just training in MA because it is fun and good for you.

That kind of training -genuine effort for it's own sake- no matter TMA or MMA is what can calm people down, and help people reach (maybe) a place where all those "traditional" values can flourish.

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