I'm in a cynical mood so I'll open a can of worms to see what birds are around. THere's a lot of talk about the values and virtues of MA, and little action -- not only in sport MA, but all MA.

It all seems to be image and marketing. Putting the values on the wall is great for marketing to concerned parents. What difference does it make within the clubs? None. Clubs choose members based on ability to pay. CLubs may evict actively sadistic members because they chase away other paying customers, and that's about it.

Humility? Trophies don't encourage it, in sports MA. TMA is full of egos feuding.

Values? Better to find and build them at home and work, not in the dojo. MA probably contains as many good mentors and role models as any office or law firm; a bullsh1t meter is necessary as well.

Rant over.
God grant me a good sword and no use for it. -- Polish proverb