No never and I never will probably unless I insult a traditional karateka enough times.

Most ''attacks'' come unexpected.

And most confrontations leading to violence will happen at a fairly close range (unless you stop the person from getting close to you which isn't always possible) and most people will draw back their arm and throw a wide swing at you like a haymaker type... A lot may try to headbutt you if they get close enough and so on... I don't feel like 90% of traditional karate teaches anything related to self defense or even good strikes...

I still am a purist I believe that what really is karate is quite amazing but the last 100 years or so have really given birth to something very odd and not martially accurate in my opinion... And that type of karate is more popular.

Rigid forms and certain mystery akin to kata, bunkai and what else draw in people who were raised on BS Martial Art movies.

And even if not it's always easier to believe in something a bit mysterious such as doing a kata and fighting an imagined opponent will make you able to fight against a real person. Than hard work in the form of drills, mitts, bags, spars and physical training.