I think there are a wide range of school out there for every martial art; some good, some bad and some ugly. Yes, it was a very good school and wish the Instructor did not more on. He brought so much to the school that even he felt that perhaps it wasn't Taekwondo though it most certainly was the base and what the belts represented. And it was plain to see that students were better off than many schools.

Like I said it was Taekwondo based, mixed with BJJ. And because he also fought MMA, many of those skills were brought in. He brought in other Instructors from schools to cross train us. He brought in a black belt BJJ professor on a few occassions. Had a local high ranking Judo guy come in. Had a coach of the University for Roman Greco Wrestling. He brought in guys he trained MMA with. He brought in some boxers. He felt there were holes in the self defense and wanted to make us aware what was out there. Always said if you want to get good at something that to train on our own else where as well and many of us did. And this helped him for us to bring that back to class.

But that aside, I have seen some good Taekwondo schools that are Taekwondo only. I just hate to paint them all with the same brush. Yes, there are many focused only on sport and they do lack in self defense. But are schoold based on self defense and not sport. Sparring is a part of the curriculum which is required by the Kukki; however it has its day in a rotation and has no more emphasis than other skills taught/learned.