Ah, but like any form of art, it is subjective. What you may consider art, I may consider as less. Some train for fitness, and so they see art in forms. Others see artistry in weapons and so they pursue those things and others still, and I fall into this group, believe that the art lies not in things previosly mentioned but within the physical application of the art.

Take what I do, for example. It is not MMA or TMA. The techniques I employ come from a number of different TMA and a few untraditional arts as well. I also train to cover all three ranges, and I roll like a MMA fighter. However you couldnt call me one or the other. What I do I have made my own. As such, is it no longer art?

Also I wanted to address something else you mentioned. The line that one crosses in self defense and prohibits him in training. This line does exist, however, I venture to say that since your opponent in the dojo is also limited by these things that you should be quiet proficient at defending yourself without such crude methods as groin striking, for example. As this proficiency increases this line is diminished, as true self defense can be achieved without such things.

"When I let Go of who I am, I become who I might be."
Lao Tzu