Sadly it was not covered by my plan; an out of pocket expense. I tried and tried but to no avail. If I had been treated directly by a naturopath than it would have. While HemoCode may only be available in Canada I would guaratee that a naturopath would be able to perform this as well and if having problems I would certainly seek out as ones health cannot have a cost attached to it. What a difference it has made in my life. I have limited problems and as cut out the foods found to be problems (including gluton), I have lost considerable weight which was round around my waist. I have gone down 2 and working on a 3rd belt hole. My list include:

SEVERE: Almonds, bananas, barley, coffee, kamut, lamb, oats, oranges, peanuts, pork, rye, spiniach, strawberries, wheat, wheat flour

MODERATE: Beets, black tea, cashew nuts, chicken egg-white, chicken egg-yolk, cocoa beans, leeks, spelt, sugar, sugar beat, watercress

What you do is take out the severe and the moderate. Than after a few months you re-introduce the moderate one at a time for a duration to determine their affects. If adverse you move them to the severe list. I find for myself some moderates I can take a little at a time but not lots of it and cannot be mixed with others as increases the problem. It has been a life change since December but not as big of a deal as I thought; worth it.