HemoCode is offered by a drugstore chain in Canada, but costs $450 per test(!) It's covered by some extended health plans that offer "naturopathic coverage". May be sensible (if slower) to experiment with food tolerances by cutting things out of your diet one by one to see which ones affect you. In http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/619525/new-statistics-reveal-10-most-common-food-intolerances: "An analysis of 2,000 clients screened between January and October 2010 revealed that the top 10 most common food and additive intolerances include:

1. Pork 6. Wheat Flour
2. Banana 7. Coffee
3. Peanut 8. Cocoa Bean
4. Wheat 9. Orange
5. Aspartame 10. Tangerine "

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