Just dropping in to say I am still plodding along.

Had to take 2 months off due to back issues; something I have never had before. Xrays showed a slight buldge in the lower back and some degeneration. Was on meds and seeing a massage therapist. Even had doctor suggest chiropractor which surprised me and tried that but the ache was still there so said screw it and got back to lifting and the back feels better. I stretch more and ice after lifting but doing nothing was worse.

Come the fall I am hoping to make a huge career change. For the last 3 years I have been working weeks with the RCMP and am hoping to get on full time with the local police; something I have wanted for a long time. 5 years I put a plan in motion so that this would come true with paying off my house, our vehicles, daughters college and other debts. On track and owe minimal now and by November will be debt free.

I have to pass their required training so am doing Monday, Wednesday and Saturday a strong lift program, Tuesday and Thursday running track. On Sunday I'm doing the beep shuttle run that is required to see where I'm at and to exceed their requirements. Training 6 days a week is tiresome to say the least and I can feel it in my knees. But nothing is going to hold me back; I will be prepared.

For my lifting up until taking the 2 months off; have been back 2 weeks only, I was starting to see some of my large lifts coming back. Here are some of the lifts I have recorded for 1RM.

Barbell Squat = 450 Lbs
Barbell Front Squat = 387 Lbs
Bench Press = 320 Lbs
Dead Lift = 415 Lbs
Military Press = 199 Lbs
Bent-Over-Rows = 327 Lbs

My program is:

Day 1: Squats, Bench, Rows - 5x5
Day 2: Squats, Press, Deadlift - 4x5
Day 3: Squats, Bench, Rows - 4x5,1x3,1x8

With the short layoff and with all of the running these will take a little time to get back to but I'm confident that even though I'm 43 that there are plenty of big lifts in my future.

Will check back in the near future. Thanks.