Chen Zen,

In Chinese forms its usually around 10 years before the student is allowed to enter the realms of Chin Na (Qin Na) whereas when this is effected nothing much is said about this. but because karate is out there for all to see, this is where the discrepancies lie. Japanese Karate does nto have the level of contact as Okinawan Karate (Kode Te) because it was "Watered" down for the Japanese market.

As you know it takes a lifetimes study of karate and kata to truly understand it - "ShuHaRi" I myself have experience of training with Very senior Karateka and their techniques and power on impact is far from soft

Its because the Sports Karate of Ippon Kumite has become popular just like Olympic TKD is nothing like Original TKD

Kyokushin and KNockdown Styles hold the reins to show how hard karate CAN be
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