So true. I've also noticed that there is a difference between how Judo people approach grappling on the ground vs how BJJ people do it. Judo people seem to be in much more of a hurry and use more muscle and seem to be less concerned about technique on the ground. The goal seems to be the same, to get a dominant position but there's a real race to get there. Also, being in the guard in Judo is apparently not a good place to be.

Anyway, today I spent some time teaching the kids again, training break-falls and pins. It's tough to get them to pay attention but they seemed to be interested in the tips I gave them to make it easier to do the technique correctly. (For instance, in Kesa Gatame to Kuzure Kesa Gatame, making sure you keep your head down while moving your arm)

After teaching the kids, in the adults class, we covered some feints that we can try doing before some of the throws that we know to make our throws less predictable. This consisted mostly of pretending to go for another throw or pulling in the opposite direction before going for Kuzushi. I definitely found it easier to get the right Kuzushi when my training partner didn't expect it.

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