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If it weren't for "little dragons", there'd be a lot of empty strip mall space for lease.

+ 1 on that!!

+ 2 ON THAT!!!!!!

I totally agree that without the Kids Classes it would be hard to survive but as long as the kids classes aren't turned into a cheaper babysitting service.
Johnny's mum to Instructor "Johnny come home with a bruise last week"
Instructor to Johnny's mum "Karate does involve a bit of contact and knocks and bumps are expected. Also, there's actually less chance of him getting seriously injured doing martial arts than there is on the Football field"
Johnny's Mum to Instructor "Oh, I want him to get his black belt before he's 10, can he do it without him having to get punched and kicked by the other students"
Instructor to Johnny's mum "There's a Gymnastics school 2 blocks down on you right you can take him to!"
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