Who would have believed all those years ago that MMA would still be around!

A lot of the Die Hard Traditionalists condemned it saying it wouldn't last etc. etc. that it was a passing fad and that it doesn't give a good basis for martial arts prowess

Well then, what happened, well MMA is still around, its student base is beginning to encroach on Traditional MA's. Karate, Judo and Japanese Jujitsu classes are getting smaller. The styles that are there are getting "softer" with the Ippon Kumite points sparring, sparring gear making them all look like Michelin men etc. wear as MMA is getting harder.

The Only styles that are anywhere near are the knockdown styles, Okinawan Styles, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Other styles have come through such as Daido Juku /Kudo and others like Shoot boxing etc.

What are your thoughts etc?
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