Chen Zen, at least WTF TKD has been whittled down to mostly a kicking martial art when it traditionally has a very wide range of techniques. Since the techniques are not taught in class apart from during the Poomsae, most people have no idea what these techniques are for or how they should be applied. I'm not saying that Kata are practical or even good teaching tools, I'm saying that the techniques contained in Kata (and often annoyingly hidden away in the case of TKD) are important.

WTF TKD matches are won by knock out, TKO or points after several rounds are finished. You continue fighting when a point is scored without stopping. This is technically not any different from a boxing match, it's certainly not stop and go. I don't know about how ITF TKD matches are organized.

The problem with WTF TKD matches is that there is too much emphasis on kicking techniques due to the scoring of head kicks vs hand techniques, as well as the torso padding worn which makes hand techniques less effective. This certainly creates bad habits for self defense, especially if you look at the guard used in TKD, which is useless for defending against punches and/or the clinch. Introducing hand techniques which are taught in patterns into training and sparring would make WTF TKD more generally effective.

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