Ok thanks.
Yes it is something that Gen. Choi added to his TKD. No doubt about that. There is little doubt to those that understand it more fully on how beneficial it is as applied to basic techniques in isolation so students understand the ToP. There is also little doubt that the critics are among those that are not as well versed in it.
That being said, Gen. Choi did design his TKD to be different from the karate roots from which it evolved from. I also think or feel that the evolution & progression of SW also had political overtones as well. But those are just feelings & have never been "proven" one way or the other. However speculation remains........

There is also little doubt that most if not all other TKD styles that came after ITF, original TKD, Chang Hon TKD or the military TKD (various names for the 1st TKD) also evolved away from the same karate roots differently as well. Koreans simply did not want to be doing anything Japanese nor did they want their national MA & national sport being associated with karate & the hated Japanese!

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