What you got to do is TRUST your training. I've been practicing and teaching martial arts for many years and I've seen it happen where the kata in the competitions looks really nice and pretty but when it comes to fighting all that training goes out of the window. When I've stood on the corner of my students and given them details of strategy to see them under pressure go
into "survival mode"


is something we work on a lot those same students now totally trust their Kata and now stick to it completely and are able to come out on top.


Closest I can find to Ashihara Karate (GSP is a Kyokushin Fighter Knockdown just like me)

This is the beauty of Ashihara and Enshin Karate. All the kata taught is Jissen (real combat) I have used this kata on varying occations and not fallen short of MY expectations.

The first Kata we practice Shoshin No Kata Sono Ichi,has 3 levels, basic striking as shown in many You Tube videos, basic stand up Grappling AND Groundwork (from your back).


This is how we compete

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