Chen Zen, I would normally agree with you if we were considering any MA other than TKD. However, I think that in the case of TKD, it is so focussed on kicking and sparring that a careful analysis of the Poomsae will benefit most students. There are numerous hand techniques, including a lot of clinch work and a few unorthodox throws (e.g. the "knee break" in Koryo, which is more practical as a throw) which round out the style very well. Most people ignore these, which I think is a pity.

I still think that these techniques are only really useful if you have cross training in a grappling MA, otherwise getting them to work would be very hit-and-miss. Understanding balance, gripping and being able to unbalance your opponent are missing entirely from the TKD Poomsae. As is training with resistance, as you said.
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