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If I may,

JKD will not and can not ever hav a set curriculum. If it does, it isnt JKD. JKD isnt about system and style for the masses, but rather as a set of skills for the individual student. Often the things taught and adapted for the student is influenced directly by the studnt, based on his physical abilities and limitations. While Dan Inosanto may appear to be a FMA fighter to you, other JKD practitioners would appear totally different, such as myself. In my own skill set I have techniques from Japanese systems, Korean, Thai, Chinese, French and American. If I am effective in my own JKD, you should never be able to distinguish one from another. That is how JKD is suppose to work.

Agreed, but JKD is just like Karate or Kung Fu, it is a label only. I have no issues with the concept of JKD, in theory my style is JKD as it is a Hybrid of many styles. My issue is that many JKD'ist jump on the JKD band wagon and fail to acknowledge WHERE their skills come from. Bruce Lee was a film star and a good martial artist and too many people think his films are "real" etc
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