Today we did a quick review of Tai Otoshi before starting on Randori. I managed to get a Tai Otoshi to work on one of my training partners but pretty much every other round I was thrown (mostly counter thrown). I think my weakness is in my Kuzushi which I wasn't really using well.

One problem I noticed is that when my opponent stiffens up his arms and sprawls his legs back, I don't really know what to do. I try pulling him down or to the side in an attempt to get an opening for a sweep or Seoinage but it doesn't really do much. Also, I know how to get my opponent to cross his legs when circling but because they're bent over towards me, I can't reach for a sweep.

My instructor says that having a rigid upper body and leaning forwards is bad form and will get you thrown, but so far it seems that the people who do this have the advantage. Any suggestions on how I can take advantage of their rigid upper body and their leaning forwards?
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