Most high fiber foods are also high in carbs, but the fiber makes you feel fuller. GO for the carrots and apples, otherwise you're missing out on other types of nutrients; pills don't have the same benefits. Use flax seed in your cooking, as it is really high fiber (eg. 1 T ground flax has 2.0 grams of carbohydrate, 1.9 of which is fiber). Eat mustard greens (if you can't find 'em, get seeds from the garden store, you can grow them on a window sill or balcony -- I've been cooking with them for years and love them). They're a heck of a lot tastier than other greens. Eat avocados and broccoli. Black beans and lentils are good, almonds too... Careful -- if you change your diet really suddenly, the first effects may be... explosive! One source of info:

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