How Many Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and techniques have Jeet Kune Do (JKD) “borrowed” via Dan Inosanto?

To me, in my opinion JKD is FMA under a different guise!!!

I never see “pure” JKD they always seem to have some Filipino Element to their training but they won’t admit the Filipino roots in what they do! Why is this? Its seems like some Instructors feel the need to latch onto the JKD bandwagon as JKD is the IN THING" at for some people.
I've always wanted to study FMA (I got to wait till I go home next year to Philippines) but never found one school who does have a "hint" of JKD mentioned somewhere like it gives the Art some clarity. No it doesn't if its Filipino BE PROUD that its Filipino!!!!

Its similar to the Korean Arts wont acknowledge the Japanese influences in their Martial Arts even though some are carbon copies apart from techniques have Korean names not Japanese names.

Your thoughts please

NB: I am not raising issues about the arts as they are very effective and useful arts it just FMA should be given more respect than whatthey've been given in the past!
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