Hello everyone,

I came to this site in hope to gain some insight into fighting. To be honest the real reason why I came here is because my little brother is all grown up now and is now my big brother( im 25 heís 21) and heís always messing with me ha-ha. My brother has about 15 lbs on me and thinks heís a tough guy (im 5í9 145lbs, heís 6Ē0 160).

I have never been in a real fight my whole life. I do have good agility and coordination. IV played many sports but im not in the best shape right now. Im going to gain another 10lbs at least and get my cardio vascular health going again.

So what I would like to know is where to begin. Im just too damn soft, I think I need someone to toughen me up and knock me around a little bit ha-ha. I live in the Toronto area and think I would like to try boxing. Is boxing a good place to start? I mean I donít even know how to throw a proper punch. I donít see myself in one of those white outfits barefooted. I always have to wear shoes and cannot be barefooted because of some back problems. I just want to learn how to stand up for myself better, not only against my silly brother but in general if some one tried to rob me or what not on the streets. In my eyes I think I need some mean old [censored] to beat my ass in his basement and show me how to defend myself ha-ha. I donít know please give me some insight. I do not have a lot of cash to throw around as well right now.

Thank You