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Humans are not animals...flinch-reflex responses are not instinct

Yes we are and yes they are by any technical definition. Dictionary definition of instinct: "An innate, typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli" that's exactly what flinch-responses are, you're making up your own definitions for things.

LEO- we have several topics running here now. A. the value of training to deal with adrenaline effects in real fights B. whether or not humans have any instincts and C. whether or not split second responses applied under pressure (that don't require one to think through them as they are applied) can be remembered.

Duane- On Combat is phenomenal I have both that and On Killing. I'm not sure I agree with some things he claims but overall Grossman's work is excellent and seems pretty consistent with most research I've seen, as well as personal experiences and that of fellow soldiers who have been in combat. Training under stress does indeed improve our ability to handle the adrenaline effects involved in real life combat, the military has proven that and Grossman goes in depth on the studies done.

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