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While yes that's technically true it's what most people know actions that don't require thinking as so it's a convenient term. And for the record we do have instincts, we do have in-born behavioral traits. No reputable psychologist in the world would tell you we're a blank slate anymore that hasn't been a well accepted idea since B.F. Skinner was alive and active.

Here's a resource on that by Stephen Pinker, a well-respected researcher: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blank_Slate also see twin studies. Our behavior is a combination of nature AND nurture, not one or the other.

This is bullocks...for every one reference about humans "having" instincts, there is one to refute

Um no sorry dude I'm minoring in psychology, I know what the latest research says, that's what's being taught, it's the consensus among psychologists that genetics is a source for some of our behavior. I actually cited an external source, what do you have to refute my claims with exactly? Twin studies proves that there's something to humans having instincts. We have lots of instincts, instincts for territoriality, instincts for protecting our offspring, natural fear of certain things. http://www.zo.utexas.edu/courses/Thoc/HumanInstincts.pdf you're arguing with the top psychologists of the world.
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