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To make your point you cite wikepedia?

You know what, reading back through the thread I'm out of my depth on this one. I retract my statement.

I'm curious though as to what the two sides of the argument are in this thread, could you clarify for me? You appear to be talking about memory under stress when the topic started out with conditioned and/or instinctual responses.

If we're discussing how to get familiar with the effects of adrenaline for the purposes of self defence, how is memory of the stressful incident after the fact related to this training? Perhaps in terms of identifying your assailants?

What is your stance on the instinctual response? Does it exist? Can it be improved through training? Other people have more clearly stated their opinions on these issues.

I believe the question here is not really whether instincts exist or not, but what kind of prior training (if any) can benefit us during in a high adrenaline situation.

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