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[quote=Stormdragon Some of you guys really need to take a psychology class, there's a lot of misconceptions here on how the brain works. Unless you have brain damage everything you do get's stored as memory, either short term or long term, and can be drawn back, it just takes the right trigger for some things.

Google Force Science Research Institute, go to the search function, type in memory under stress and you will be able to read research by doctors of psychology who do not agree with you. [/quote]

http://www.rbta.net/forum/showthread.php...earch&p=247 nowhere does that (from your recommendation) say that actions taken in a high pressured situation won't be remembered, but that you're more likely to remember things about the attacker and what they did. And one statement actually backs up something I said about having the right triggers "It’s interesting to note that with the exception of one officer, those involved in the groups that conferred said they did not learn “new” information about the incident during their discussions. Rather, it seemed, latent memories they had of the incident were “refreshed” and brought to the surface by the conferencing."

So no they don't "disagree" with me, at least not based on that article.
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