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[quote=duanew]So you train with no rules? You must have trouble finding training partners. In any case, just because there's no rules in a street fight, once again, doesn't mean you can't reproduce a very similar adrenaline effect in training, that's just absurd.

Huh? Don't know how you could have gotten that out of what I wrote, perhaps the "Queen of Battle" is just looking for a fight? I never said anything about how I train, or the absurdity of trying to get the adrenal effects of a fight in training. In fact, if you were to read my previous posts here and in other threads you would know that I advocate it. If you re-read my previous post I was disagreeing with the saying, "There are no rules in a street fight."
My apologies your highness,

Woops, I actually totally missed the second sentence. And the Queen of Battle thing is a military reference, it has absolutely nothing to do with martial arts or arrogance. That said yes you can get at the least some approximation of the adrenal effects of a fight in training, which is better than none at all. It depends on the training methods (and also level of experience eventually you stop getting that as you get used to things).
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