Fascinating (but short) recent interview with Rickson Gracie. In it Rickson states that BJJ is a fading force in MMA. He said he sees the long term survival of the art outside of MMA by being taught more as a self-defense system.

From the interview:

I see it as a new race of fighter developing, something thatís been invented. There are no more style matchups. Now, everyone knows everything. Itís about the strengths of the individual. The time of fights was shortened, the weights were equalized and technology was incorporated into training. There is no more romanticism in seeing a smaller guy fight a bigger guy for two hours. Thinking of that, I believe jiu-jitsu has lost the capacity to be put into practice in todayís MMA, because itís an art you have to wait for the right moment with. Now, MMA is a sport for the better-prepared fighter, the guy who can absorb more punches and still win. Thereís still an admiration for the art by those who practice it, but thereís a decline in how itís working in MMA. My motivation is completely focused on the concept. Thatís where I believe I can make a difference: in making the shy kid feel normal, in making the weak woman believe sheís strong. I want people to have a sense of self-defense and a concept of the invisible power. Thatís where jiu-jitsu will achieve its eternity.

Full interview: http://www.sherdog.com/news/interviews/6-Questions-for-Rickson-Gracie-36352
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