Recently in the press over the last few months there's been a few Martial Arts Instructors being placed in the dock for Sex Offences, Harry Cook the main one but then I heard of ''Liam O’Grady’’, a double European champion. A 4th degree BB.
The story is in The York Press about HIS rape and defilement of a 13 year old girl.

Thankfully the majority of trainers in the Martial Arts are above board.

I think it should be deemed as against the rules and regulations of ALL NGB's for martial arts to allow Instructors to date students; this would hopefully put a damper on any Instructor thinking about anything untoward.

I know the argument is well they're consenting adults but if that's the case tell them to train elsewhere so that the relationship can blossom without the risk of being considered as incorrect!

I'm trying to be polite but it is quite testing.

College Lecturers are not allowed to date students so why are Martial Arts instructors allowed to. We are given a position of trust and I know of a few female students who on Forums left their previous Dojo due to too much forwardness or their Instructor/Assistant Instructor "making a pass" etc at them.

A student joins your School to feel safe, to not have to worry about their Instructor "oogling" at them etc. To know that they can train without having to be self conscious and to be treated equally amongst the other students.

What is it that these Instructors see when they get a young female student? Is it just me or does anyone see these issues?
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