I attended my Dojo's Jujutsu class today to see what it's like. It was a great workout, much better than the beginners class and I was already tired after the warm-up.

We reviewed hip throws followed by a counter to hip throw using Osoto Gari. I did some live throws with a brown belt (kind of like randori but one partner is assigned to do the throwing beforehand) and I noticed that they throw differently from the way we do. Their kuzushi is not as effective as what we were taught in Judo class and my partner had a hard time throwing me. At one point he failed to do a dropping Ippon Seoinage and I ended up getting him in a back mount. He did manage to do a couple of sweeping throws but they felt a little less powerful than in the Judo class. His groundwork was excellent though and he's really fit.

I think my instructor wants me to join the Jujutsu class after I leave the beginner class but I'm more confident now that I made the right decision in choosing Judo. I really appreciate the focus on kuzushi and throws in my Judo class and the reason I wanted to do Judo in the first place was to learn how to stay on my feet instead of getting taken down. smile
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