Er good luck! Goshin Jutsu Kata is rarely taught in most Judo schools. I've seen it done at a seminar once, but that was by request. Honestly, a lot of modern Judoka see Kata as not much more than something that has to be done for a grading/promotion. They learn as much as they need to to get their next belt, then forget about it. Most of the time in Judo class is spent drilling technique and sparring.

To be honest, I've never been blown away by Goshin Jutsu. Highly unrealistic attacks and responses. IMO there are much better systems available to learn how to use grappling in terms of "Self-Defence" than said Kata. If you want to learn the Kata for the sake of learning it or out of interest, you should. You might find it hard to get someone who has the knowledge and desire to teach you though.
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