I hope that reviving this thread won't be viewed as beating a dead horse, but I'm seriously considering taking-up Batto-jutsu next month. I'll be taking an intro Batto seminar @ Fumio Demura's tournament & wanted to see what was in the forum re: Batto.

Re: Dana Abbot... saw him @ Fumio Demura's tournament a few years ago soon after he introduced the soft swords. The "war" that was demonstrated was called Chanbara. That was weird to me (calling a MA system Chanbara) because as a kid in Japan, I watched lots of Chanbara movies. You see, Chanbara was a slang term for "sword fighting" or samurai movies.

Anyway, the foam swords have nowhere the feel (weight & balance) of a katana, bokken or shinai (I trained in iaido for about a year). It appeared that Chanbara was nothing more than a bunch of kids playing at sword-fighting like me & my brother used to do w/ wrapping paper tubes - people swinging wildly @ one another, getting whacked and laying down pretending to be dead.

Yeah, great fun, but so far from real MA I nearly gagged. I don't know why Demura Sensei allowed it - maybe just for the fun of it. But his Batto is legitimate. BTW, next time I see Shimabukuro Sensei, I'll ask him about Abbot.

Anyway, CXT made some great points. Nothing wrong w/ having fun, but don't try to get me to believe that a legitimate MA is being taught. It's like being the best driver on Mario Cart & believing that you could seriously compete in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ed Ichihara Smith - Shukokai