That series is hilarious. I've seen one of his Tiger Wisdom clips on the belts but I didn't realize it was a show.

The American Karate dojo was actually kind of similar. What I didn't like about it was we talked throughout the whole class. If you meet at a dojo for 2 hours a week, there really isn't enough time to designate 20 minutes for discussion alone.

And no one got to try over half of the grappling techniques. They were only going over basic stuff like bear hugs but for the most part I got the feeling that it was the sensei just bullying the middle school kids. He never let any of the adults try getting out of bear hugs or a couple of holds.

On top of that I just didn't like how the school was talking about how they were the best in the city. And only I hated here the phrase "On the street" constantly. The only thing I really liked were the judo standing wrist locks.