I was wondering why do different schools have different coloured belts and in different sequences. I love reading the Ethos behind the colours too. I'm not too sure if they acturally put some real thought process into it or whether it was just hype to "Sell" the grades

My Sequence is:
White - Red - Purple - Blue - Yellow - Orange - Green - Brown - Brown/Black1 (Brown/white1 - kids) - Brown/Black2 (Brown/white2 - kids) - (Black/white1 - kids) - (Black/white2 - kids) - Black - Black/Red

My reasoning

White - comes with the Gi
Red - I'm a Man City Fan so bottom of the Pile
Purple - is a Mix or Red & Blue
Blue - as it was the lowest grade in Ashihara karate
Yellow - next highest grade
Orange - its a nice colour and its close to Yellow
Green - it was the next closest to Brown
Brown - always the highest Karate Kyu Grade
Brown/Black1 - Its a brown belt with a black stripe through its because these days people winge if they dont get anything more that a bit of electrical tape
Brown/Black2 - Its a brown black split belt again its because these days people winge if they dont get anything more that a bit of electrical tape and after 12 months or failing Dan grade the belt is reverse so black on top instead of brown on top. (If Stocks depleated, this would become Black/White1 belt)

Brown/white1, Brown/white2 - kids - Same as above but didn't want to have any black in a junior Grade.
Black/white1, Black/white2 - kids - Didn't want a FULL Black belt for a Junior Grade)

Black - its a Universal colour for Dan grades, No Dan Bars at all to be shown as the user should be able to portray their grade without the need to label their belts with it

Black/Red Block Belt - a Master's Belt - to distinguish between technical grades and Time served Grades. Only compulsary to be worn on Gradings and Seminars, otherwise Black belt may be worn. Choice of Colour(s) - same as the Retro Man City Away Stripe top

As you can see not pretty reasoning for the belt sequence and yes some of the grades "seem" mixed up but hey, its my school lol

What are your thoughts and reasoning behind your belts and what colours would you have if you had a choice?
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