I haven't posted in a long time.

After, my shotokan dojo closed down in May, I bounced around for a while. I wound up doing MMA for a good while. Muay Thai, with BJJ. But it wasn't the same. So I started going to a local American Karate place for a month.

I didn't like it one bit. I should have seen the red flags when the head sensei never talked about what I would learn and spent the interview bashing on other local TMA schools and MMA in general.

I wound up going back to doing MMA and I'm happy with it. But I'm what is American Karate? I can't find anything concrete about it. I was told that it is basically a lump of different arts, but what does it specialize in? While I was training in it no one seemed able to do anything competently. The sensei specialized in kicks but he started off in Taekwondo.