In TKD the Red belt (equivalent to brown) signifies "danger", warning the opponent but also the student that they must take care.

This is the level where you have to be striving towards BB but also exercising control and courtesy/consideration to lower ranks, especially when training with them.

I oncefound myself in a different club and different association when I was training away from home. The trainer kindly allowed me to wear my association insignia and my BB (even more surprising cos the hosts are hard-core ITF club and my group were non-ITF).

However, there was a problem that I didn't know ITF protocol/procedure in some things and I was out of practice. Not so much of a problem except being a BB they insisted I stand at the front and call out the orders for the class to start, bow etc.

Eventually, I spoke to the coach and said I would wear a red belt as i was guest, but also because it did not set a good example to the lower grades when the highest grade in the class was messing up the protocol.

He thanked me, although he said he felt I should wear my BB, and next class I came in a red belt... only to find there were no redsa training that day either... so i was once again the highest student...
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