@ Zach_Zinn:
"Just because" school, the 'new' flavour next to McDojo. eek
I agree that many seem to forget those questions; what's the purpose, why; when they enter a dojo.

Well I didn't mean to address you personally. But in the end you made those generalised statements. I myself make mistakes in that direction also, but I try not to generelise. No bad intentions however! It raised some good angles to the discussion I think. smile

Next to politics in organisations I think these thoughts about the techniques, methods and principles bihind them, have led to the developement of different styles and offshouts etc.

Realising the purpose of or the logic behind certain techniques and methods can lead to great 'Aha-Erlebnisse' insights in your chosen path in the martial arts. It all starts with questions.

I'ld like to hear what the views of the OP are after analysing the different views offered in this thread. (And the ones on the other forums. grin )

BTW I never use(d) that many smilies in one post. There must e a first time for some things. wink