If anybody is curious, the outcome is that the owner has sided with the manager, and is trying to decide between either asking the student to wait a year instead of the usual 6 months from dbl blk stripe to test for black belt, or returning the student's money and demoting them back down to the previous belt.

Thanks everybody for your sincere thoughts on the issue. After reading everything everybody had to say I find that I'm still torn on the issue in general, although my thoughts on this particular case are pretty clear.

On the one hand, at this particular club your belt limits what you are allowed to learn and practice and so I don't think it's right to hold back an individual that has both the knowledge and the experience (as I stated 14 years in tkd, 6 years in this particular style of tkd) solely because they didn't serve their time at this particular club, at this one particular belt.

On the other, I can see the virtue in patience.

I do truly believe this student is a special case. Making them wait is really only doing just that, making them wait. It isn't really going to accomplish very much more than that. It's keeping up appearances so other students don't ask questions or wonder why they aren't getting to test even though they tested at the same time as this student last time. That's a bad reason to penalize someone.

In a regular circumstance I can see the virtue in time-served requirements. I just think it's detrimental to regard them dogmatically.

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