Excellent and dare I say awesome posts by everyone with regards to this topic!!!

May I add that in the various "Sabaki" Competitions from Ashihara and Enshin and Daiko Juku Grabing IS allowed as part of the genre of "legal" techniques

May I add that "karate punching" is dare i say not punching at all but a practice of Kyoushi

Take the basic Grab/Stance in Judo,

Left Hand on the opponent's Right Shoulder/Lapel, Right Hand grasping the underneath of the opponent's Left Elbow - very similar to the position of the basic Karate front stance!!!

Now with the Punch, the Hikite, you get the push/pull action, whilst twisting the opponent's shoulder to one side creating him/her to be off-balance. This in succession can become a basic throw!!!

This is how I teach the Karate Punching aswell as the Grab and punch as discussed above

Again thank you all
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