" Unless you believe in being able to bend the laws of physics, both 'external' and 'internal' are both limited by biomechanics, and are just different methods are learning and progressing"

No one talked about bending any laws, let alone physics. You are limiting physics to biomechanics; there is more to physics than mere biomechanics alone.

You assume by projecting your limitations as someone else's; quote where I stated any thing about 'bending the laws of physics'.

Those whose argument lacks principle and logic; many times will attempt to confuse the issue, rather than argue the merits.

Internals were not developed by physics, they are the product of Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts; and it is that terminology that is relevant.

Explanations fabricated after the fact of development; are no more than 'Monday Night Quarterbacking' of Sundays football game. Anyone can say or predict anything about the game; after it happened!

Closer explanations in physics are in the realm of:
harmonic resonance; and
the easier understood concepts of kinematic wave propagation.

Also Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom has proven that ion currents flow through the body in preferential ion conductance pathways (PICPs) that are very similar to the Chinese Qi channels.

These so called pathways make up a vascular-interstitial closed circuit (VICC) where energy flows in the mineral infused fluids in the vessels, connective tissue and extracellular (interstitial) spaces. This work is consistent with Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who found that an interactive conductance system of internal water and protein crystal lattice form an "energy transmission continua."

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