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I found out an interesting fact at Toronto Open this weekend I thought you might like Dereck. The tae kwon do club at RMC only does belt testing for black belts, all colour belts are handed out in class when the coach believes the student is ready for it - no tests, no testing fees. Their club is set up very interestingly. One of the requirements for students at RMC is that they must either be on a varsity or intramural sports team, or belong to an on campus sports club. To join the tae kwon do club they have to try out for it and whether they make it or not is based on their potential to succeed at tae kwon do. That must be an interesting try out when one is trying out people who have never done the sport before. There are of course cons to this kind of system, but it's an interesting set up none the less.

They are treating it like a competitive sport. I guess there isn't any room for the person who just wants to learn TKD,but not for competition. I'm sure that the "coach" wouldn't have time for just ordinary people who wanted to learn an art.