I'm testing for my next belt in a couple of weeks.
I'm beyond the time requirement for my present rank, and the owner of my school actually apologized to me for making me wait.
His reason for that is he wanted to test some other students along with me, and he wanted to make sure that they were ready.
He also stated that he is confident that I know the techniques and forms for my present rank because he's seen me work them time and time again in classes, and that he feels that I need to move up in order for me to be challenged.
I told him that I wasn't concerned about going over the required time period because the training that I'm doing is still good training, and besides that, the other instructors have been making me work techniques (not forms) that are beyond my belt level anyway.
Also, he allowed me to skip a belt earlier on because he felt that I was beyond that level, and he didn't want to hold me back and take the risk that I would become stagnant.
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