Dereck said "I believe there are exceptions to every rule. The time required to promote, as you refer to time-served, is a guideline. If evidence showed the student was more than proficient at the skills required I may give the opportunity to grade faster." I totally agree, and the clubs where I have trained share this philosophy, to everyone's benefit. The instructors also sometimes extend "time served" for development of patience in addition to skills.

But then, "Again, I'd like just to be thrown a belt when it was deserved and earned by my day to day performance." I liked this idea at first reading, but then thought -- part of earning a belt is the stress of testing, which doesn't occur during class (even in sparring, which is a different stress than performance). I've seen any number of (non martial-arts) students choke during exams though they "know" the material. Maybe their knowledge doesn't go all that deep yet. For some subjects, performance under stress doesn't seem at all critical but for MA, I think it may be.

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