Dobbersky, the time between dans is the same at my club; however, from what I have observed very few people actually choose to test beyond first dan at my club.

Dereck, it may not directly be within her power to do anything, but it is indirectly within her power to convince the club owner there is a problem at the university club with, in her words, loopholes.

The thing is that the university club IS poorly managed right now. We just don't have the committed manpower. The instructors that teach at the club all moved on from tae kwon do and started lives. It isn't their priority so the teaching is very random and haphazard. It's a challenge on its own to make certain there is an instructor available at all for each class. The individual that is causing so much controversy has the time, skill, experience, and motivation to run the university club, but they are limited in their jurisdiction because the colour around their waist isn't solid black. The pragmatic thing is to allow them to "fast-track" (so long as the ability to pass the test is there of course), but the manager insists on being dogmatic about a random time requirement.

Black belt dans for me really just represent experience so I completely get being dogmatic about the time in-between, but that mentality just does not transfer over the same to colour belts.

This whole situation just upsets me because I no longer feel at home at my club.