I'm going to hijack this thread and ask:

What are the requirements for "Time served" with regards to Dan Grades in your Organisation

in the NGB I am with it is like this;
1st Dan to 2nd Dan - 2years (technical grade)
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan - 3years (technical grade)
3rd Dan to 4th Dan - 4years (non-technical grade)
4th Dan to 5th Dan - 5years (non-technical grade)
5th Dan to 6th Dan - 5years (non-technical grade)
6th Dan to 7th Dan - 5years (non-technical grade)

I know in other NGB's Orgs it increases with the Dan Level but then again I have seen orgs that have lower timescales than this giving out 16th Dans etc due to the lesser times required between the grades

Your thoughts on that
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