Thank you so much for such an excellent read of varying degree of knowledge and opinions (I was off for a few weeks so unable to respond)

The Kata I provided was the FIRST Kata that is in our Syllabus - the equivalent of Taikyoku Shodan or Pinan Nidan (Heian Shodan). In Ashihara Karate we have
Shoshin kata (Beginner's kata) - This gives the student the basis to which all other Kata in the Syllabus are derived from,
Kihon kata (Basic kata) - This gives the Student a better understanding of the techniques and the use of Sabaki becomes part of the students Arsenal,
Kumite kata (Sparring kata) - This gives the student the means to put combinations together whether in the Ring on the mat or possibly outside the Dojo,
Nage kata (Throwing Kata) - this gives the Student the means to be able to throw the attacker to the ground on various attacks. It tends to use the principle of Irimi and Tenkan (Aikido) to provide a vehicle for performing the techniques
and Jissen kata (Real Combat kata) - This tends to be a bit more in close, the kata is designed for use in close distance when the attacker has gotten "in" to your guard, the use of knees and elbows is used as well as arm locking and grabbing.

Ok Back to the topic:

I agree with a lot of you that some techniques seem a little floored when shown in principle but if you tend to think about it its common sense!?!

A kick to the head - is this a extremely high kick if done o the street is quite bad for you if it is countered or is a kick to the head whilst you bring the head of the attacker to waist height or even knee height or is it the positioning 'on the ground' of an straight arm bar?

Remember a closed fist is not just a punch it is also a grab. A step forward can also be a step back. Consider the hand positions of traditional Karate punching, Oi Tsuki Dachi

Now look at the standard Judo stance

Virtually Identical!!!!

Now the push pull is creating kazushi NOT punching some one etc

Sometimes we have to look outside to see whatís already within

Every move in kata may have a dozen applications and it doesn't mean that some are wrong or some are right. Itís just a concept.

If everyone knows the movie Casino Royal where James Bond uses Naihanchi (Tekki) kata to fight the guy on the top of the crane, it shows that kata no matter if it is Modern (Ashihara) or Classical (Isshin Ryu) IS effective its just how it is perceived by the KarateKa.
A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.