Hello Christie:

Rank is an issue between two individuals, the one who gives it and the one who receives it. Nobody else truly matters. Time served (positively) implies that we practice longer and ingrain our experiences more deeply, carefully given more time to do so. We gain more depth.

Negatively artificial requirements are simple mcdojo fare. No quality, no skill or depth at all. Every 30 days rank (the adjective to smell bad) increases.

Promotion has three qualities: technical, political and merit. Technical skill is very simple. Can I do the technique, the concept with credibly or not? Political is a certain dynamic between a small, tight group. Three men/women are very good together, help each other grow, learn, one of the three is weaker than their friends... they can be promoted to keep the group dynamic in place. That individual will require more effort at the new rank than his/her peers. They cannot coast. But to keep the other two growing, the third friend is necessary to bolster their particular weaknesses. Without all three the synergy is gone, the group stops learning and self motivating. Merit, is the most difficult. Close in skill will I benefit from being promoted and grow INTO the skills which I am weak, or slightly lacking? Rank is a relative thing. If I perceive I am weaker, I can grow and improve because of a teachers insistence/belief, you were promoted because I believe you are very able... show me I was right.

<< prior martial arts experience Why or why not?

Having serious experience in a different art will give someone knowledge-understanding. It does not guarantee anything however. If my experience were (random choices) 5 arts over 15 years, a new practice every three years... is that prior positive experiences, or negative ones? Prefer serious depth to shallow techniques.

The TKD politic... if having my rank is important to you, small changes may be necessary. But whatever knowledge, experience you brought with you are still yours... It does not disappear if you don't wear that belt. Myself, I would let them wear it... they earned it.

Fitness is almost irrelevant to real art. A cute by-product but nothing necessary beyond a very, very low level.

Within your own house, your own rules apply, or can be broken as well. It is on the teacher and the teacher alone whether a rule gets bent or not. What is the TRUE objection here? If the other manager does not like the flavor of the art presented, that is a much bigger discussion. But is the sole question time-in grade... that seems superficial and pretend...

Merely my opinion, I could surely be mistaken,

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