I haven't done martial arts since January of 2009. Needed to recovery from some serious injuries and was losing focus. Now I lift to be stronger and to look good; but still have some functionality; just not as much as I did when I was doing martial arts. I feel this is where I want to be in life as I want to make a visual statement; this statement and having the strength comes in handy as work as an Auxiliary Constable for th RCMP; mostly on weekends only. But for me working out has become harder; I don't recover as fast and seems to be an uphill battle but I'm up for it. Being in my 40's sure is different than my 20's and 30's but that has not stopped me and nor shall it when I'm in my 50's and 60's.

I take periodic breaks with usually 3 weeks in July, 2 weeks in October and 1 week at Christmas; my earned holidays from my regular work. I also take every stat holiday off; I just find it hard to workout when I am not working at work. These breaks help to refocus and to give my body a break however as noted, I was pleasantly surprised how little this last time I lost.

Thanks again Choonbee.