Had 2 weeks off for holidays and didn't work out; back at it this week and can feel the tightness. Also incorporated skipping for about 20 minutes a day; WOW. My calves are tight as heck; I'm physically drained; I'm going to bed earlier as so tired. In the morning or sitting around for a while, I look like an old man hobbling around; will take a while for my body to adjust to this new sensation. Used to skip a lot in TKD so am really looking forward to the results I will get from this.

Even with 2 weeks off I lost very little for my lifts. Some of the lifts I had not even done for a month due to scheduling so pretty happy with that. Love holidays however always find it difficult to workout during these times. With 6 weeks holidays a year; another week I get in 2 years, they are nice breaks.

Still plodding along.