Guess I'll way in a little. First, I have to agree with Dereck regarding that at the ITF schools I have visited the SW is only present in the patterns and 1,2 & 3 step sparring. The latter made more sense as it is designed for SD practice where I can see it getting used in a real life situation but not as exaggerated (rather than bounce, finishing a technique at the same time your foot is stepping in and delivering the blow). Sparring Drills have been almost identical in most MA schools.

Dereck, I think that you maybe a little out of context on what the General said regarding "Phonies" (and I'm sure ITFUnity and/or Master Weiss can confirm this). I believe that he was referring more so to schools that declared themselves TKD (WTF,GTF) and the like due to the animosity between the orgs. As I understand it, he encouraged training other arts outside of TKD. Again, that was something that I had been told by someone whom I respect and have no reason to doubt. But again, I know the 2 gentleman I mention above have some rather personal experience with the General.

Finally, I also believe that ITFUnity made mention in an earlier post that he thought that the "Test" that was done was probably biased as well. So I think everyone is on the same page here with that.


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