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I'm just curious don't crucify me here since I'm not a ''Traditional Karateka'' but where does the notion that Kata must contain techniques and systems purely made for combat come from?

Karate used to be practiced privatley. You learned from your instructor and trained on your own-thus the need for kata. As my instructor recently reminded me there is Do and Jitsu. In the old days it was all Jitsu= fighting to stay alive. Then karate went main stream and became Do- a way of making better citizens and subjects.
Then the Americans came-trained in Do for a couple of years (if they were lucky) got a black belt (or not) and went back to the states to teach. The Okinawan sensei were amazed that Americans thought they could teach at only Shodan or Nidan level. From there the deterioration of the transmission of karate knowledge proliferated.
And now people do kata to win trophies and they have no combat applications (for some). No crucifixion intended just a short history lesson.